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Your Sample Gallery is ready! I had such a great time working with you, and I am excited to hear your feedback on the images! 

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The Finishing Touch

Our editing process is broken into two stages. Above is a sample of one of your images after our initial edit, and one of our finished edits. As you can see, we simply remove distracting shine and/or the dark contrast of distracting blemishes, lines, etc. while keeping a natural genuine representation of your individual features. While viewing your proofs, please note they have been processed through our initial edits yet remain unfinished until you make your selections. Please contact your photographer if you have any questions or special requests. 

Now to the Main event!

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Amy Main: Part 4

The Final Cut!

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Notes, Questions, or Favorites

Hey Amy, I hope you loved your images as much as I loved shooting them! Please feel free to use the form below to send any notes, questions, or to list out your favorites from the gallery above. If you have any trouble navigating this page or with the form itself, please call or text me!

– Clint

Thank You!